Oker Group

OKER Group is the result of a co-operation between pianist Yves Salaets and bassist Jan Berendsen. From the first rehearsals in March 2015 we make music because we like it. Besides home practice or rehearsing together, we also want to play for a public. And if we can give an audience a lovely evening, then we are happy with the satisfaction of the crowd.

The possibilities for an audience are different : we play for both a listening audience, or as a background for a party/reception. The repertoire can be adjusted depending on the circumstances, from uptempo swing to an intimate concert with its own classical melodies. Depending on the occasion, the duo will be extended with drum, vocals or a trumpeter/saxophonist.

The emphasis of our music lies with playing own work, but also jazz standards are being considered. This results in a combination of jazzy uptempo songs and classic ballad. Oker’s jazz is melodic, lyrical, gentle and usually quiet. But we love all music.